Family Honor

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Xavier Sands and Danielle Seville meet at the grand opening of Xavier’s nightclub, and it happens to be his birthday. Not to be left out, Danielle is celebrating her birthday as well. As the two grow closer, wedges are driven between them behind the scenes, by their own mothers!
Xavier and Danielle both work for King Kole Konners, in different venues, but when the King is shot, all bets are off. The kingdom having just survived the Chase St. John mutiny in South Nubia, is rocked once again. The assassin begins picking off the King’s top people, leading to Danielle being kidnapped.
Xavier vows vengeance on the person, or persons responsible for the shooting of the King. During her kidnapping ordeal, Danielle learns a horrible, life-changing secret. Just as her world is rocked, Xavier learns the same shocking truth from his mother.
The assassin and the criminal masquerading as a cop, joins forces with Xavier and Danielle, as they set out to dethrone the great King Kole Konners! The Family Honor has been breached from within. The only question is, can the Seed ascend to the throne?


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