A Black Man Has 9 Lives

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Ramses Osiris Martin wasn’t like the typical black kid growing up in America. He had it made in life. He lived in a good neighborhood in Southern California, with wealthy parents and went to the best schools money could buy. However, even with all of that, he still faced a challenge that no doctor or amount of money could cure. That was simply trying to face the reality of what it is really like to be Black in America. Separated from his culture due to where he grew up, the young 16-year-old is now on a journey to see who he really is. A simple trip to unfamiliar lands will test him to the very depths of his soul. Throughout it all, it will take him through hell and back. From the football field to the country, the inner city and beyond, what lessons will stay entrenched in his soul for all eternity? What is the price that he will pay to see how deep the melanin roots are in his skin?


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